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performance improvement

Phase A   9 / 15 / 2021

Phase B  11 / 15 / 2022

In development is our Supplemental Type Certificate for Boeing 717 performance improvement.  Not merely a cruise performance efficiency program, but a field performance enhancement that will yield added revenues, especially in short field operations or hot and high airports.

A unique but validated way of improving L/D by way of a wing extension, our design requires no added structural beef up as is usually the case with large winglets.  Instead, DCA employs a load alleviation device to ensure safety margins to ultimate loads for certification and to maintain limits of validity on life cycle.  An aspect ratio improvement of 8.5% and a span increase of over 5% combine for an improvement of over 4% in L/D.  This benefit is not just in cruise but from weight off wheels to touchdown.

In addition to the L/D improvement, DCA has also developed a series of aerodynamic clean up elements including fairings, seals, and covers for a total combined drag reduction of over 6%, and corresponding range improvements, as well as significant field performance.  This includes some elements from the Super98 acquisition.

For a detailed specification and performance data, please contact us at

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